Columbus Ohio polygraph examination

polygraph test in Columbus Ohio

You can schedule
a polygraph test
in Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio lie detector test

Public polygraph test in
Franklin County Ohio

The best
Columbus Ohio
polygraph test,
led by an examiner
with 30+ years
of experience

For a
test in
Columbus Ohio,
the 1 to 4 main
questions can
be written by
the client if all
Federal guidelines
are followed.

Questions should be:
with a Yes or a No
--from three words
to nineteen words
--without any 'and',
'or' or commas

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Columbus OH polygraph

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Columbus Ohio
lie-detector test
Columbus Ohio polygraph examination

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in Cleveland Ohio

Polygraph is a
'comparison test'.
Analyzing very
microscopic changes
at four points of
the body as questions are answered, we are
comparing what the
body does on the
client questions
compared to at least
two other types
of questions.

lie detector in Columbus Ohio

Columbia Ohio
polygraph test

A Columbus Ohio lie detector examination
is usually either
about a relationship
or a theft, but it
can be for any topic

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Make sure to give
all answers by
mouth only, do
not nod your head

Do you know why
a good Columbus
polygraph examiner
is usually busy?

Because Columbus
is the most populated
city in Ohio and is
actually the 14th
most populated city
in the United States!

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polygraph in Columbus Ohio

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Columbus Ohio
lie-detector test