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Do you need a
polygraph test
in Downey
because you
suspect cheating?

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Preparing for a
lie-detector test
in Downey,
be well-rested
and drink a lot
of water in the
hours before
the test.

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Computer polygraph test in Downey

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on polygraph
in the county
of Los Angeles

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818 883-6969
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Dowmey lie detector
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polygraph testing in Downey

Are you considering
a lie-detector test
in Downey because
of a theft or a
missing item?

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A typical polygraph
exam in Downey
California takes
only an hour IF
you have your
questions already
thought out and
written down

polygraph test in Downey California

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During a Downey
lie detector exam,
the questions will
all be Yes/No
They must be
answered by
mouth only,
with NO nodding
of the head.

polygraph examination in Downey

Multiple test
locations in
nearby cities
some under

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When writing the
questions to be used
during a polygraph
test in Downey,
they should be
short and direct.
Connector words
such as 'and' and
'or' should be
avoided. The
shorter the
the better.

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Polygraph HotLine
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