Novato polygraph examination

Novato California polygraph test

Lie-detector test
in Novato

A Novato
polygraph exam
can be used for
infidelity, theft,
and many other
possible matters

Novato lie detector test

We provide the
San Rafael polygraph test
with the most experience

Our senior examiner
has been testing since 1988 and has tested more than 10000 examinees.

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meet your Novato
polygraph examiner
and see why you should NEVER be tested by an examiner with less than 5 years of full-time polygraph experience

We provide the
Novato polygraph test
with the most experience

A lie detector test
in Novato flows
from the Pre-Test
into the Test portion,
and ends with the
Post-Test (results)

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Petaluma polygraph test
with the most experience

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about how a
Novato lie detector
really works.
polygraph in Novato

A polygraph test in Novato
California measures
changes at the arm, chest,
stomach and fingers as a
script of exact Yes and No
questions are answered

A computerized lie detector
test in Novato is available
26 days per month. We quote
reasonable prices for a test
in your area. If a lower
price is needed than that,
there are even better
prices we can tell you about
in nearby counties.

A Novato polygraph
examination is the
same testing that
many police departments
require of their applicants.

We provide the
Santa Rosa polygraph test
with the most experience

lie detector in Novato

Novato lie-detector test