Pleasanton polygraph examination

polygraph test in Pleasanton

We conduct a
lie-detector test
in Pleasanton
California and
in nearby cities

A Pleasanton
polygraph exam
allows up to
4 questions of
importance to
be supplied
by the client

lie detector test  in Pleasanton

Dublin California
polygraph test
for the public

Visit the
examiner with
more than 30 years of polygraph experience.
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the Pleasanton
polygraph examiner

Asco California
polygraph test
for the public

A polygraph test
in Pleasanton needs
the examinee to
sit completely
still and answer
only Yes or No

Livermore California
polygraph test
for the public

John Grogan polygraph test
A free 10-minute
consultation about
a Pleasanton
lie detector test
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Pleasanton lie detector

Polygraph examination in Pleasanton

During a polygraph test
in Pleasanton California,
we are reading and
comparing microscopic
changes to the breathing,
blood and finger moisture

A Pleasanton lie-detector
test can let you know if
you're right or not
about a suspicion.


There are polygraph
examiners with less
than 5 years of polygraph
experience, some with only
a year or two years of
PART-time experience,
offering services.

Their lack of a strong
history of thousands of
completed examinations
lowers the accuracy.

Pleasanton California polygraph test

San Ramon California
polygraph test
for the public

polygraph examination Pleasanton

Pleasanton lie-detector test