Redding polygraph examination

Redding polygraph exam

A Redding
polygraph test
can be used for
criminal or
civil matters

Redding California
lie detector exam
guidelines require
connection to
stomach, chest,
arm and fingers

lie detector test in Redding

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in Weaverville

Shasta County and
Out Chief Examiner has more than
32 years
of polygraph test experience.
More than 10,000
persons have
been tested.
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lie detector in Redding California

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polygraph test
in Eureka

A polygraph
test in Redding
California uses
a standardized
that can include
up to 4 questions
written by
the client

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polygraph test
in Crescent City

We can explain
the steps from
of your Redding
polygraph test
Redding lie detector

Polygraph testing in
Redding California
requires that:
--person sit still
--person be hydrated
--person answer only
with a Yes or a No

A Redding lie detector
testing uses Federal
guidelines and standards

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polygraph test

in Chico California
john grogan polygraph test

Redding is NOT the lowest
price place to get a polygraph
test in California. Always
$300 or more for a test.

If you need a lower price, it's
usually under $200 in the
Sacramento area instead.

Redding polygraph appointment
Or under $150 in some
Southern California cities.

We are the most
for a
Shasta County
lie detector test

polygraph test Redding CA

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polygraph test
in McKinleyville

polygraph test John Grogan
Redding lie detection

Redding lie-detector test